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If you take into account all the amenities that will help you stay in touch with the conurbations, you will find the Ocala Golf Course on the outskirts of the city a great destination. There are beautifully maintained ranches where you can go riding to and from the Ocala golf courses, and there is a chance to see many different species of birds. Residents can explore the many wonders of the Ocala National Forest and are just a short drive from many of Florida's most popular tourist attractions. If you live in this part of Marion County, there is no better place to live than Belleview, a small town in the heart of Palm Beach County.

This affordable, active and inspired 55 + community is nestled in the natural beauty of central Florida. This experience brings with it the opportunity to live in an affordable and active and inspiring community over 55.

Enjoy this peaceful, home-made community in Apopka, Florida, in the heart of central Florida. This beautiful gated community offers a tranquil setting in a beautiful community with stunning views of the Florida Panhandle and Gulf of Mexico.

M.A. Clouts was appointed sheriff in 1868, and in 1920 only one African American held the important office of city treasurer in Ocala. At the end of the Reconstruction period, Marion County sent seven black representatives to the Florida House in 1879, including the first black member of Congress, the Reverend Robert E. Lee. The population is estimated to be 122,460 in 2019, making it the second largest county in Florida with a black population. African-Americans make up just under a third of all residents in Marion and Polk counties, but more than two-thirds of residents are African-Americans.

The following month, the mission was officially incorporated into the state of Florida as the Greek Orthodox Mission of Grossocala.

The George Giles has been downtown since at least 1906, and the hospital, located on West Broadway and Pine Street, has been serving as a hospital since the early 20th century. West Ocala became home to the Sanborn Map Company, which mapped the route of the US highway system from Fort Myers to Fort Lauderdale. Florida built reception stations for the fast-growing tourism industry, and numerous motels and retail stores lined the main streets of Florida. To this day, the magnificent 400-room hotel is known for its celebrity, whose presidents and celebrities have played a key role in developing Florida's less-famous west coast.

Ocala was first mapped in 1881 by the Sanborn Company, but the area it covered was not populated enough to warrant inclusion on the map. In 2000, the city of Oakland conducted an expanded investigation and 350 historical resources in the West Oakland area were examined. Nominations for the National Register have been prepared for the historic core neighborhoods, as well as for an investigation of the entire city by the National Historic Landmarks Preservation Commission (NHPC). Other efforts to recognize West Waco's history include the historic Marti City marker, built by Cuban-American communities in Marion County.

During the Great Depression, Ocala and Marion County were flooded with dollars and people because of the economic boom of the US dollar. During the freeze, farmers began diversifying their crops, and the Marion County Fair was established to improve growing agricultural prospects.

It was founded on the site of the then Nine Mile Pond, named after the town nine miles south of Ocala. The name comes from the fact that the pond was located in the center of the city, just a few blocks from its current location. It is the heart of downtown and is located about five miles north of its original location, at the intersection of Ninth Street and Ninth Avenue.

After a short period of British occupation, Florida fell back to Spain, and land grants were sold to Spanish citizens who settled in Florida. US 301 is a branch of US 1 that branches off from Callahan west of Jacksonville and runs 250 miles from central Florida to the Bradenton-Sarasota area. The route follows the old military road that was established after the USA gained territory via Florida in the 1820s and 1830s. It is now part of the US-301 Highway System, a major artery between Florida and the Gulf Coast.

Many of the soldier's families stayed in Florida after the war, part of a large migration boom in the state. Howard Academy continued to train many of Florida's future leaders, including Effie Carrie Mitchell, who was the first African-American woman to practice medicine in Florida. Shaw ran her own printing press and reported to the Florida State Department of Education and the U.S. House of Representatives. The bazaar in Ocala became so popular that it once employed 20 employees to serve black and white customers.

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